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What is 60% of 275

Please answer with a little work if possible


Math Equation/ math word problem

    define variables, write an equation, and then use the equation in the solving process.   The length of a rectangular frame is 3 cm more than the width. The area inside the frame is 70... more


Math problem

how to solve:   a) D[e2x cos(3x)]   b) du(t) / dt, when m(t)= In(t/t0)2   c) m, when m(t)= In(t/t0)2    


Combinations and permutations

We have five people interviewing for only two positions, How many ways can we fill these positions? 


Finding Ratio of two Sphere.

Volume of Two Spheres are in the ratio 27:343 and the sum of their radius is 10. Find the ratio of the surface area of the bigger sphere to the smaller sphere.


What is the range of the function ? f(x) = 3- 2\cdot 51^x.Give your answer as an interval.

This question uses Latex


Find two numbers whose sum is 95 and whose difference is 31

I need this answer please help


You give the cashier $10.00 to pay for the apples at the sale price.how much change will you receive?

Fifth grade math problem the sale price is $0.10off the cost of each apple.


the sum of n and k is 16, and the product of n and k is 60. which of the following equations must k satisfy?

la suma de nyk es 16, y el producto de nyk es 60. ¿Cuál de las siguientes ecuaciones debe satisfacer k?


Rational Equations word problem

Ben takes 3 hours to wash 270 dishes, and Frank takes 4 hours to wash 444 dishes. How long will they take, working together, to wash 4800 dishes? It will take Ben and Frank_________... more


Is there a shortcut formula to use whenever one of the values inside a formula changes?

I have this formula.true=base×(1+A)×(1+B−C)×(1−D)×(1+E−F)×(1−G)If the E increases its value, is there a way to know the adjusted true without having to calculate the whole formula again using the... more


Solve. Given that loga^7 = 0.845, and loga^2 = 0.301, find loga^343.

A 0.603B 2.535C 1.146D 0.254


rational equations

suppose that y is directly proportional to x   find the constant of proportionality k if y=62.4 when x=13 k=   using the k from about write variation equation in terms of x y=   using the k... more


Average Speed

An automobile traveled 7 hours at an average speed of 50 miles per hour. It averaged only 40 miles per hour on the return trip. The average speed per hour, to the nearest mile, for the round trip... more


we need to find the maximum revenue after increasing the price?

a concert is selling tickets. Their last concert sold 1000 tickets for $20 each. Market research suggests that for every $1 increase in price, 90 fewer people would come. By how much should they... more


The perimeter of a rectangle if to with is W centimeters in the length is 10 cm more than twice the width

translate to algebraic expression using the variable w


use a scientific calculator and round your answer to the nearest whole number.

The distance from Earth to the sun is about 1.49×1011 meters. The distance from Earth to the moon is about 3.84×108 meters. The distance from Earth to the sun is how many times larger than the... more


A 20 kg dog needs fluids at a rate of 60 mL/kg-24 h. What is the flow rate in mL/h?

I need help finding this answer. I would like to see how it is done.


How many ounces of dandelion root extract must be mixed with 30 ounces of spleen to make 30% lead-nux mys?

Spleen contains 54% lead and dandelion contains 12% lead. If spleen is combined with extracts of dandelion, the result is an antidote called Nux Mys. How many ounces of dandelion root extract must... more


NaOH (sodium hydroxide) C1=30%, V1=500 ml, C2=5%, V2=???

Solve the following problems. (You need not compute the amount of diluent)


Formalin: C1=10%, V1=???, C2= 2%, V2= 12L

Solve the following problems and determine the amount of diluent.


Prepare 1000 mL of 1% HCL using the stock solution of 70% HCL. How much of the stock solution and how much water is required?

Determine the volume of stock solution needed and the volume of diluent


Please help me solve this

during the first 22 sec of a jump the number of feet that a skydiver falls in t seconds is approximated by the polynomial 11.16t^2 . In 2009,108 skydivers fell headfirst in formation from height of... more
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