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Investment Problems, How do you solve the problem below?

Orlando, a financial planner, recommended that 25% of a client's investment be placed in a 4% annual simple interest tax-free account, that 40% be placed in 6% certificates of deposit, and that the... more
Investment Modeling 3


An investor wants to analyze the earnings of a mutual fund account. 4 years ago the value ofthe account was $22,000

 and it is now worth $27,500 (no additional deposits were made). if the account is compared to a bank account paying interest that is compounded continuously, what interest rate would the bank... more


non annual compounding.

9. The following questions illustrate nonannual compounding. a) One hundred dollars is placed in an account that pays 12 percent. How much will be in the account after one year if interest is... more


what are the annual taxes owed on the interest?

Molly matters Inc issues a slipt coupon $1000 bond that matures in 7 years. Interest payments are 480 a year and start after 3 years have lapsed. The bond initially sells for a discounted price of... more


asset values

What is the net asset value of an investment company with $10,000,000 in assets, $790,000 in current liabilities, and 1,200,000 shares outstanding?  


interest rate

Your traditional IRA account has stock of GFH, which cost $2000 20 years ago when you were 50 years old.  You have been very fortunate, and the stock is now worth $23000.  You are in the 35 percent... more



Graduating seniors may earn $45000 each year.  If the annual rate of inflation is 2 percent, what must these graduates earn after 20 years to maintain their current purchasing power?  If the rate... more


interest earned

you are offered $900 five years from now or $150 at the end of each year for the next five years.  If you can earn 6 percent on your funds, which offer will you accept?  If you can earn 14 percent... more


amount of interest earned

bob places $1000 a year in his IRA for ten years and then invests $2000 a year for the next ten years.  Mary places $2000 a year in her IRA for ten years and then invests $1000 a year for the next... more
Investment Interest


If you had $100.00 invested in a savings account that is compounded annually and yields 3% interest, how much interest would you have accumulated in 30 years? A

I'm stuck on this question and i need the answer to this investment question.


You have just received word that your original investment of $650 has increased in value by 17%. What is the value of your investment today?

I have no idea how to work this problem. Someone show me how to please


word problem

Find the time required for money invested at an annual rate of 6% to double in value if the investment is compounded monthly. Round to the nearest hundredth of a year. (Hint: you will need to... more
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