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Solving Linear Equations


a line that contains points (4,4)and (1,-5) what is the slope

Solving Linear Equations Simultaneous Equations


I need help pls!! I'm really confused. Question about simultaneous equations

At a snack bar, a group of boys spend £80 on 10 pizzas and 5 cups of coffee. At the same bar, a group of girls spens £55 on 5 pizzas and 10 cups of coffee. Later on they were joined by their... more
Solving Linear Equations


passes through(1,9),slope=2

Please help
Solving Linear Equations


the demand functions for ipads is equal to qd=10,000 - 25p. how many ipads will consumers demand if price $300. ?

how many ipads will consumer demand if price $300
Solving Linear Equations


The sum of two numbers is 266. When the smaller number is subtracted from the larger, the result is 39. Determine the numbers.

When solving real world problems: 1. Read the question carefully. Identify the information you are given Determine what you are asked to find quantities. 2. Define any variables to represent... more
Solving Linear Equations


Larry saves 15% of his annual salary for retirement. What was his alary last year? Write an equation to represent the situation

This year Larry's salary was $2000 more than last year, and he saved $3300
Solving Linear Equations


Carla and Rob left a 20% tip after having lunch at a restaurant. Write an equation you can use to find the cost of Rob's lunch.

The amount of the tip was $6. Carla's lunch cost $15.   Find x which is the cost of rob's lunch  
Solving Linear Equations


When a number is tripled, then increased by 13, the result is 82. Find the number.

I honestly can not figure this out. I can't find the number.
Solving Linear Equations


Find at least three ordered pairs that satisfies the equation 2x-3y=12

Finding ordered pairs and graphing through equations.
Solving Linear Equations


a math question is worth 100 points and has 38 problems. each problem is either worth 5 points or 2 points. how many problems of each point are on the test

This is about linear equations. There has to be two equations. You can use substitution, elimination, or graph to figure out the answer.
Solving Linear Equations


Solving linear equations

Solve (x - 4)  =  (x + 6)            7              6
Solving Linear Equations Linear Equations


How do you solve linear equations by showing your work instead of just solving it from the equation???

My teacher says I need to do:    _______=_____                                              -                -                                              ___         =___ But I just move the... more
Solving Linear Equations


I have a problem linear equations and inequalitiesI cant rfigure out how to set it upcan someone help me?

I am not good in Algebra, I have failed one class already, I don't want to fail again.I have a linear equation question that I don't know how to set up it is different from anything I have worked... more
Solving Linear Equations Solving Linear Equation By Substitution


Earns hourly rate for 35h work and increased rate for overtime. He worked 39h and received $787.20, next worked 41h and received $844.80. hourly and overtime?

what is the rate for hourly and overtime I don't know how to set up this question.
Solving Linear Equations Linear Equations Writing Equations Of Lines


find the slope of 0.2x+2.3=1.4y

i dont know how to solve questions like these with decimals
Solving Linear Equations Linear Equations Linear Equation


find the value of c so that the graph of 3x-c=2y has a y-intercept of (0,5)

How do you solve this?
Solving Linear Equations Linear Equations


rewrite the point-slope equation in standard form y-1 =1/3(x+2)

should i convert it to slope-int form first or expand it?? I'm not sure how to solve this
Solving Linear Equations Algebra


3y+6x=24 for y

Solving for y
Solving Linear Equations Algebra


6x + 4= 5x + 2

linear equations
Solving Linear Equations Linear Equations


write a linear equation given the following data m=3/2 b=4

write a linear equation given the following data: a)  m=3/2  b=4 b) (3, -4) (0,4) c) m=2 (-2.5, 4) Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.  :)

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