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Definitions Genetics Evolution


What is the definition of a mutation?

There are two alleles that determine the sensitivity of a person to Coumadin (a medicine for blood thinners used to treat a stroke etc). Sometimes you encounter the terminology that one has a... more
Definitions Geometry


geometry definition

what are isometries? How do you solve them? Does it depend on the problem or is it all the same?


Aren't がる and たがる the same thing?

In my JLPT practise book, it has two different entries, one to explain `がる` and one to explaining `たがる`. It offeres these example sentences to differentiate them: >... more
Definitions Arabic Quran


What is the meaning of "مُوَلِّي"?

The word مُوَلِّي appears in Quran verse 2:148. I have read a few translations of the verse (e.g. [here](http://corpus.quran.com/wordbyword.jsp?chapter=2&verse=148)) but I still don't have a... more

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