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So many weapons and armor! What is wrong with this sentence? And how would one fix it?

The sentence rings false in my head. Clearly this is because "weapons" is a countable noun, and "armor" is an uncountable noun. So one could fix this sentence by breaking it up into two clauses... more
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Is a determiner considered an adjective or a separate part?

I came across some blogs which states that determiners are types of adjectives (according to traditional grammar), whereas wiki (which I do not entirely trust) indicates some key differences. after... more
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Is there a rule that prohibits us from using 2 possessives in a row?

An English teacher made a comment on my usage of the phrase, "Our last week's meeting", saying that it should be, "last week's meeting", is there a rule for this?
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What are the rules about using 'half of' with plural nouns?

Here are some sentences with 'half of' and plural nouns that I consider to be well-formed: >Half of all films are a waste of celluloid. >Half of users surveyed said they preferred the old... more


both the users or "the both users"?

I keep running into this debate with my thesis advisor. Are both of these forms correct?> It can be seen that *both the* users> are able to...or> It can be seen that *the both* users>... more
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Alternative to vs "Alternative for"?

I'm wondering whether there is a difference between these two expressions. I never know which one to use. Google seems to return the same amount of results for both, so I suppose there might be a... more
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Is it natural to use the possessive adjective in "their olive trees"?

Does the following sentence sound natural? >1. They harvest their olive trees in autumn. Can I say: *their* olive trees or does it sound more natural without "their"? >2. They harvest... more


Are “this” and “next” demonstrative determiners?

**Question 1:** In the following, is *this* a **demonstrative determiner**:> I will go to the store this week.**Question 2:** If so, then what class is *next* in the following:> I will go to... more


Determiners in English sentence vs. plurals, singulars and zero determiners. Is it ok to say?

Do I need any determiners in the sentence below in general statement? - Strong winds destroy homes. Is it ok to say in English in specific situation? - The strong wind destroyed the homes in... more


Are there any simple rules for choosing the definite vs. indefinite (vs. none) article?

I can’t for the life of me figure out where to use _a_ and where to use _the_ — and where there is no article at all. Is there a simple rule of thumb to memorize? The standard rule you always hear:... more

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