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name of a 2 demension figure described below

na rectangular like figure except with 2 right angles and 2 non-right angles. None of the sides are of the same lenght.


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Any geometrical figure with two dimensions only and zero thickness. Such as a Triangle defined by its height and base length, Rectangles with width and length etc., are two dimensional figures.If you add thickness with a rectangle for example it becomes a  three dimensional figure.Note a point has no dimenion. A line has one dimension.

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The figure is a trapeziod. Start off by drawing a vertcal line on the left hand side of your page - about an inch long. At the top ad bottom of the line draw horizontal lines - so you make your two right angles. Now you need to make sure that each side is a different length. Draw the bottom line to say 3 inches and the top line 2 inches. Then connect these lines up.

Wikipedia has a nice diagram - just search trapezoid. In the diagram shown, imagine "h" is the left hand edge of your shape - ignore the line AD.


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Your are describing a right trapezoid.

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Trapezium is the correct answer

2 right angles

2 non right angles

all sides a different length

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