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I need help understanding this math problem.

Hi, I'm trying to pass my GED Math test. It's literally the only test I need to pass, but math problems like this one really tend to discourage me.48x+32y32The way I have it is as the long division... more


GED math...computer-based math test formats

A painter needs to cover the walls of four rooms in two coats of paint. Each room measures 4ft by 8ft, the ceiling is 10 ft high in each room. Each gallon covers 32 square feet. How many gallons of... more

GED Ratio Probability Question

A test has two parts, A and B, each containing 10 questions. A student needs to choose 8 questions from part A and 4 questions from part B. In how many ways can he do that?
Ged Herl Gsdgf Gf


i honestly need help with this

The volume of a rectangular prism is (x3 – 3x2 + 5x – 3), and the area of its base is (x2 – 2). If the volume of a rectangular prism is the product of its base area and height, what is the height... more


The population of a city that is 200 square miles is 2.5 million. What is the population density per square mile of the city?

F. 80 people    G. 500 people   H. 1,250 people   J. 12,500 people 
Ged Functions


What is the function?

Took a pretest and this one stumped me. Any help would be greatful   http://i.gyazo.com/6703f24740c64115aae5d96dabaf09c6.png


Trying to pass the ged test,,how can i get the highest score.!


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