Pam W.

asked • 05/31/14

forces and nature

submarine window can withstand a force of 30000N window is circular with radius of 0.5m  What will pressure have to be to induce such a force? show work please

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Caleb M. answered • 05/31/14

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Peter H.

I think the answer from Caleb M. is good, and well written. But the final sentence, which puts the pressure of 38.2 kPa into some perspective ("pressure required ... to cause most buildings to collapse"), seems incorrect to me. I say this because, for example, the standard atmospheric pressure at the Earth's surface is approximately 101 kPa, which is over twice as large as the submarine window can withstand. So to put the 38.2 kPa into perspective, I'd say it as "The submarine window will break as soon as the sub is below about 13 feet of water." 


Caleb M.

No one claimed that the numbers in the problem were realistic! But as for the final sentence, it was for general interest. I do not claim to it's exact accuracy but would be willing to believe it. This information was taken from WolframAlpha upon entering 38.2 kPa which then gave:
'1.1 x long-duration blast overpressure level needed to cause most buildings to collapse'
I could have easily misinterpreted the information. However, it is more lively the 30,000N is unrealistic. This force is on par with the force of a baseball bat hitting a ball. I would be willing to bet a major league swinger could not shatter a sub window with a bat - or one would hope. Meaning the 30,000N is far too low for a real submarine window. But all this is what makes 'real world' problems fun! Thank you for your input. 


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