Gabe M.

asked • 11/24/17

Finding Distance Using Mass and Force

In a grocery store, you push a 17.5 kg shopping cart with a force of 12.0 N. If the cart starts at rest, how far does it move in 3.00 s?
How would I solve this? It's for an online class I'm taking, and the notes say literally nothing about this. Would I use F=MA?
Thanks in advance.

Arturo O.

Is 12.0 N the net force applied to the cart?  If it is only the push, then we need to subtract from that the opposing force of friction, so we need a value for the coefficient of kinetic friction between the cart and the floor.


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Arturo O. answered • 11/24/17

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Michael J. answered • 11/24/17

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Gabe M.

For the final part, you mean .686, right?


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