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A 2kg block is resting on a rough incline which is at a 30 degree angle.

Which is larger, the normal force or the force of friction?
Normal Force Physics 2 D force


2-d force problems with newtons laws

a child drags a 0.518 kg toy elephant across flat ground at constant speed, with a 5.23 N force at a 51.0° angle. What is the normal force acting on the toy? 
Normal Force Newtons Third Law


Newton's third law &normal force

A car on flat ground accelerates at 0.785 m/s^2 when a net force of 1050 N acts on it. How much normal force acts on the car?


Solving for Centripetal Force using a Free Body Diagram

A centripetal force of 4000N keeps a 50kg rollercoaster car traveling in a circular path at the top of a loop. Calculate the normal force of the track on the rollercoaster car.   SHOW WORK USING... more
Normal Force Physics


Physics Help Please!

Compute the normal force on the block. M=47.3 kg and theta=31.0 degrees

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