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How do I solve this? without logarithm

A fully loaded Toyota Forerunner sells for $42,000. It depreciates 12% per year from the date ofpurchase. How many years will it take to be worth half its value?I think part of the equation is... more
Decay Chemistry


Decay of Substance

The​ half-life of a certain substance is 17 years. How long will it take for a sample of this substance to decay to 64​% of its original​ amount?Use the Exponential Decay Model A=Aoe^kt


Proving that a value does not decay in the process of motion

Hi   How do I go about proving that a value for energy does not decay during the process of motion?    Thanks    


Find the growth or decay for the following function.

P = 53 * e-0.191t   Round the answer to three decimal places.   -Thank you for your help!
Decay Atoms Half


why will in half life radioactive decay the quantity will decay to half regardless of how big or small the original quantity was?

Suppose In first half-life radioactive decay radioactive atoms decay half their amount/quantity in a specific amount of time then in the second half-life why does it not decay according to its... more


Use your model to determine the atmospheric pressure at an altitude of 3700 meters.

Atmospheric pressure decreases by about 15% for every 1000 meters you climb. The pressure at sea level is 1013 millibars (a unit of pressure). Construct an exponential model to represent the... more

Writing Alpha, Beta and Gamma decay equations

How do you write the alpha,beta and gamma decay equations for 198Rn86?   Our teacher didn't teach us how to write alpha,beta and gamma decay equations. However, I want to learn it before my... more
Decay Precalculus


Half life of radium (PRECALCULUS HELP PLEASE)

The half life of radium is approximately 1690 years. If a lab has 50mg of Radium, find how long it takes for the substance to decay to 40mg, to the nearest year.

Decay constant of radioactive isotope

A radioactive isotope decays according to the formula A(t)=Aoe^kt, where t is time in years. The initial amount was 10g and 8g of the isotope remained after 5 years. a) Find the decay constant,... more


Growth and decay fomula N(t) = Noe^kt

A 40 gram sample of a substance that's used for drug research has a k-value of 0.1472.   Question: Find the substance's half-life,in days. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.     Growth... more


Half life / Decay question

I have 10 pounds of radioactive material buried in my backyard. The half-life of the material is 2345 years.   a.) How long will it take for 5 pounds of the material to decay? b.) How long will... more

4 Algebra 2 Questions

1. Solve 2^x=32 and rewrite this equation in a logarithmic form. 2. Analyze the characteristics exponential and logarithmic functions. Make sure you talk about domain and range. 3. Demonstrate at... more

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