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asked • 04/10/20

College algebra Compound Question

My math teacher only showed us how to do this problem with a ti 85 graphing calculator. thats great and all but i don't own that kind of calculator so how do i go about this question with working it out on my own. Step by step would be extremely appreciated. Thank you

Jolene invested 15,650 dollars in a savings account that paid 6.5% interest compounded annually. The function used to represent this investment is A(t)=15650(1.065)^t where A is the accrued value of the savings account and t is the length of the investment in years. Use the function to answer the following questions.

Determine how much money Jolene will have after 15 years. dollars in her savings account. Round your answers to two decimal places

Determine how long it will take for Jolene to have 62,546.89 dollars accrued. Round your answer to the nearest year.

Jolene will have accrued 62,546.89 dollars in her savings after   years

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