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Experimental Design Criminal Justice


Mock Jury Experimental Design

Does tattoo quantity effect guilty verdicts?IV: moderate coverage, heavy coverage, no coverageDV: guilty verdictswhere does bias factor into my design?
Experimental Design Microbiology


Growing bacterial culture on gelatin?

I'm very new to experimental biology and don't know much about it. So, i was looking to grow some bacteria in petri dishes and looked up how to do it. Unfortunately, I'm finding it difficult to get... more
Experimental Design


List to hypotheses John and his crew may have come up with for the recent shark attacks

John Smith has been hired by the city of Virginia Beach to investigate The recent shark attacks of the resorts coast he has a budget of $40,000 a 25 foot boat and three graduate student assistance... more
Experimental Design Experts


Definition of " Experimental Design "

Would some one explain me what is " Experimental design" ? When we use it and why we use ? Would some one explain me what is " Experimental design" ? When we use it and why we use ? 
Experimental Design Physics Physics B


how to do this phsyics q?

An experimenter gets a range of data: 8.8 * 10^-19 plus or minus 0.1 * 10^-19. This is an experiment about charge. Is this range of error acceptable?

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