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Error Analysis Geometry


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Ella wrote AB|-1+5|=4.Explain Ella’s error
Error Analysis Geometry Inductives Deductives


Error Analysis

"Below are two conclusions. Which is incorrect? Explain the error.   If two angles are complementary, their measures add up to 90°. If an angle measures 90°, then it is a right angle.... more
Error Analysis Astronomy


If three measurements have different errors, what is the error of the mean of the three measurements?

For my astronomy coursework, I need to work out the sidereal day and the error of this value. Since I repeated the observation 3 times, I have 3 values for the sidereal day each with a different... more
Error Analysis


Sandy says the product of x^2 and x^3+5x^2+1 is x^6+5x^4+x^2. Explain the error that Sandy made and give the correct product.

x^2 times x^3+5x^2+1 is not x^6+5x^4+x^2 what did Sandy do wrong and what is the correct answer?
Error Analysis Physics Physics B Range


how to do this phsyics q?

An experimenter gets a range of data: 8.8 * 10^-19 plus or minus 0.1 * 10^-19. This is an experiment about charge. Is this range of error acceptable?
Error Analysis


Error Analysis

Valerie has test grades of 96, 82, 78, and 76. Using a calculator, she found her average grade to be 275. Is Valerie's answer reasonable? Explain Valerie's error.
Error Analysis


A number divided by 5 is 3 more than –6. What is the number?

A number divided by 5 is 3 more than –6.What is the number?

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