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Does gerrymandering not affect elections for US Senators?

Gerrymandering is a problem; a Representative could have their voter base diluted across neighboring districts at the whim of the controlling party. But Senate elections are statewide, and states... more


What are the minimum requirements for a system to be called democratic?

I think the title is very clear, but I'll complete the question below: 1. What are the minimum requirements needed for a system to be called democratic? 2. Is holding elections every *n*... more

When does the US president have to be 35 year old?

[The Constitution only says](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Article_Two_of_the_United_States_Constitution#Clause_5:_Qualifications_for_office) that one needs to have "attained to the Age of thirty... more

How does gerrymandering work in the US?

I have a vague idea of what gerrymandering is and that it appears to be common in the US, but I don't really understand where it comes from, how it is applied, how common "common" really is,... more

What criteria does a US Presidential candidate need to meet in order to appear on the ballot?

The eligibility requirements to run for the office of President are: - You must be a native born citizen - You must be at least 35 years of age - You must have lived in the US for at least 14... more

What happens if the US President Elect is arrested by federal authorities before inauguration?

If, after election and before inauguration, a US president elect is indicted under federal law, what would happen to the office?

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