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Is there a way to export Word styles as CSS?

We have a standard document template in word for internal documents. The Graphic Design / Technical Writing staff have all the styles rigged such that we don't have to do any formatting... more


Can I use both a CSS grid and Bootstrap together?


What is the difference between CSS and SASS?


What is the best open-source CSS framework?

What's the best way to animate an illustration for the web?

I have a couple of illustrations done in Illustrator and I am planing to animate it for a website that I am working on, I've heard of [Create.js](http://www.createjs.com/#!/CreateJS) toolkit with... more


Export HTML and CSS from Photoshop or InDesign?

I am building web site and I've got .psd file of how the site should look like and I can make it manually but it will take time. I was wondering if there is a way to export a Photoshop or InDesign... more


What are some good practices to organize CSS code?

Source code editor for HTML/CSS/JS with projects support?

I am looking for a source code editor with the support for: - Javascript, HTML, CSS syntax highlighting - Auto-completion, Source formatting (for the above languages) - 'Projects' where you can... more


CSS rule that will make a div with ID equal to "main_menu"

How can I Write a CSS rule that will make a div with ID equal to "main_menu" to have white font, green background, top and bottom margins to be equal to 5px and to have no left and right margins?

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