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Chemistry problem energy, I don't know where to start!

A metal sample weighing 220. g is heated to 95.0 Celsius and then placed into 190. ml of water at 46.6 celcius. the final temperature of the water is 51.6 celcius. How much heat was transferred... more
Chemistry Lab Chemistry Stoichiometry


Chemistry problem I am stuck! Please help!

If .240 g of an unknown triprotic acid (H3X) requires 18.00 mL of a .500 M NaOH solution for neutralization, what is the molecular weight of the acid? If it is a common phosphorous containing... more
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What does it mean if the percent purity of a synthesized aspirin is 100% and the commercial is 90%?

What have I done wrong
Chemistry Lab Chemistry


In the reaction of colorless solutions of cobalt(III)

In the reaction of colorless solutions of cobalt(III) chloride and ethylenediamine(C2H8N2) a dark orange solution is formed.The reaction proceeds:CoCl3 + 3NH2CH2CH2NH2 → 2HCl +... more

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