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Chemistry activity series lab

Post-1982 pennies have a zinc core with a thin copper outer shell. Using your activity series predict what would happen if a post-1982 penny were put into a solution of hydrochloric acid?


Chemistry activity series lab

An activity series could also be created for the halogens. Describe a set of tests that you could perform in order to accomplish this.

Finding the Ksp value of Ca(OH)2

A student determined the solubility of Ca(OH)2 in 0.200 M CaCl2 as 0.0026 mol/L. Calculate the Ksp value for Ca(OH)2 using these data. I found this to be =7.03E-8, but it says that I have entered... more

Finding the Average Epsilon and Molarity of Unknown Solution

Stock Solution: 8.8×10-5 MSolution #1: 1.809×10-5 MSolution #2: 1.046×10-5 MYou measure the absorbance of each solution (at λmax = 524 nm) and obtain the following results: ... more

Hydrogen Emission Spectrum Lab

So I've recently did a hydrogen emission spectrum lab.   These were the four wavelengths I got:   Red         675 nm Green      570 nm Blue        460 nm Purple      425 nm   These are the... more

How to make a buffer?

So I have to make a 0.02 M Sodium Phosphate buffer @ pH of 7, easy enough I use monosodium and disodium phosphate as the acid and base, I used the henderson hasselbach equation. But now I have to... more

What grows on an alkaline peptone broth apart from Vibrio?

I have done an experiment where growth on an alkaline peptone was monitored and then we innoculated a TCBS media, however no growth occured on the TCBS media so i was wondering what else could... more

Williamson Ether Synthesis LAB QUESTION!?

Why use acetonitrile instead of toulene in a Williamson Ether Synthesis? (Phenol, NaH, 1-bromopropane)?Also, why use aqueous Na2CO3 instead of distilled water when extracting?


Empirical formula of the oxide of tin

Hhgghjbb bnbgccccc bbjb. Hbggh bbhfxc ddssyh huh. Hhggcvvbbbbvvvvv b high. Hhgghhbb bhhhhhhb 

We can prepare oxygen gas by decomposing hydrogen peroxide. There are many other chemical reactions that generate gases as one of their products.

Lets consider the reaction between zinc metal and hydrochloric acid as such an example. Write a procedure that explains how you would collect the gas produced from this reaction in the laboratory.


The combustion of ethane produces carbon dioxide and water.

The combustion of ethane produces carbon dioxide and water. If 27.6 g C2H6 are burned in the presence of excess ait (O2) and 76.7 g of carbon dioxide are produced, what is the percent yield?


In a lab experiment, 17.5 g of iron II bromide react with 14.2 g of potassium sulfide.

In a lab experiment, 17.5 g of iron II bromide react with 14.2 g of potassium sulfide. Upon completion, 4.3 g of iron II sulfide were obtained. Determine the limiting reactant, theoretical yield... more


A student attempts to separate a sample of cyclohexane and ethylbenzene by distillation. After the distillation the student obtains an n 20D of 1.4355 for what should be pure cyclohexane with a... more

Tea contains about 3% caffeine by mass. Assuming each tea bag contained 2.25 g of tea, did you recover the expected amount of caffeine from two tea bags?

So what is the expected amount of caffeine? Is it 0.0675g or is it 0.135g?  In lab, I recovered 0.018g of caffeine


1. Calculate the partition coefficient of caffeine in water/methylene chloride from the following data: 10.3 g/100 mL for methylene chloride and 2.04 g/100 mL for water.   MY ANSWER:    K =... more

Rf values TLC - Organic Chemistry LAB

    For my developing solvent, I used 6:4 hexane:ethyl acetate. For my reference spot, I mixed some salicylic acid and ethyl acetate. And for my test spot, I used some impure aspirin and ethyl... more


Calculate the pH of a 0.100 M KCN solution



trying to get concentration

Use the dilution equation to calculate the molar concentration of sodium bsiulfite and potassium iodate after mixing for each th solutions.after mixing hso and after mixing io3

Chemistry Problem:stoichiometry

 Al+S8 -->Al2S3-How many moles of aluminum are required to produce 56.9 grams of sulfur?-5.0 grams of aluminum sulfide is needed. How many grams of sulfur is required to make it?

Stoichiometry Lab

CuCO3.Cu(OH)2--> CO2+H2O+2CuO How many grams of Copper II oxide are produced if you start with 1.01 g of Copper II carbonate.


stoichiometry problem

HCl + Na2SO4 → NaCl + H2SO4-If you start with 20.0 grams of hydrochloric acid, how many grams of sulfuric acid will be produced assuming there is 0% error?-How many moles of sulfuric acid should be... more

stoichiometry problem

Mg + NaF → MgF2 + Na-If you start with 5.5 grams of sodium fluoride, how many grams of magnesium fluoride will be produced if there is no error?-Determine how many formula units of sodium fluoride... more


how do you make a 10ml solution with a .40m concentration

I know it has to do with molars and making a solution that we can measure how much light goes through it because we are doing concentration.

Biology Lab - Absorbance vs. Light Intensity

Hello,   I recently performed a photosynthesis experiment regarding change in absorbance over time vs. intensity of light. 4 tubes of solutions containing chloroplasts, .1M PO4 buffer, water, and... more

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