Kitty F.

asked • 11/11/14

Pressure and volume lab...very confused

I'm working with the calculations for a lab to measure pressure in a controlled environment.
The first table's text instructs:  "Convert mL to L and 1/L and calculate." 
The Data appears as follows:

Volume (mL) |  Volume (L)  |  Calculate 1/V (L-1)                       |  Pressure (mmHg)  |  Calculate P x V

20 mL            |  0.020 (L)      | This is the one I don't understand  |  1141.1 (mmHg)       | 22.822 (L/mmHg)
I believe that my final value (22.822 L/mmHg) will change if I knew how to calculate 1/V (L-1).  I'm distracted by the negative exponent.  From what I understand of Algebra, negative exponents have to be "flipttped" before any calculations can be performed.  Furthermore, I haven't seen any gas Law formula written like this in our text book (Introduction To Chemistry - Karen C Timberlake).
If someone could clear this up so I can get on with the rest of my calculations I would be incredibly grateful.

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Byron S. answered • 11/11/14

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