Sofea D.

asked • 07/23/21

Consider the following equilibrium

4NH3 + 3O2 <--> 2N2 + 6H2O

∆H= -1531 kJ

a) State whether the concentration of the reactants and products would increase, decrease,or remain constant when:

1) the temperature of the system is decreased

2) 2 mol of nitrogen are added to the system

b) Highly toxic gas with the formula COCl2


The equilibrium constant is Kc for this reaction at 400°C is 1.20 x 10^3. Predict the direction of the reaction when a mixture contains 0.012 mol of CO, 0.025 mol Cl2 and 0.03 mol COCl2 in 200mL container,

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Martin P. answered • 07/23/21

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