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Copy Excel worksheet and maintain relative cell reference in formulas?

Another copy problem in Excel: How can I copy a Worksheet from WorkbookA.xlsx into WorkbookB.xlsx without the copied Worksheet still referencing WorkbookA.xlsx e.g. the formula `=B!23` becomes... more
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Prevent Excel from clearing copied data for pasting, after certain operations, without Office clipboard?

Whenever you copy a cell or a range of cells in Excel (my version is 2010 on Windows 7), and then do something else like insert new sheet row or simply edit another cell, Excel removes the... more


Create a pie chart from distinct values in one column by grouping data in Excel?

I have an Excel document containing information from a survey. I want to create a pie chart over location (countries).How can I make Excel group all the distinct values together and then display... more


Unable to get Excel to recognise date in column?

I constantly have problems working with dates in Excel, I must be doing something wrong but I don't understand what.I have a spreadsheet, exported from our exchange server, that contains a column... more
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Pasting text into Excel without splitting on spaces (or other delimiter)?

I recently used the Text to Columns feature in Excel to split a column of data into multiple columns based on the space character. Now when I paste text into Excel it automatically splits it into... more

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