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what's the explicit formula to the sequence 1/2 , 1 , 3 , 12 , 60 , 360 , 2520 , ...?

what's the explicit formula to the sequence 1/2 , 1 , 3 , 12 , 60 , 360 , 2520 , ...?   Multiplies by one larger number each time but how to put that into an explicit formula?


Consider the sequence 1,4,9,16,25.. Assume sequence is denoted by B1,B2,B3,B4, B5

Find an explicit formula for Bn. Your answer should be an expression in n. Show work please!!!
Explicit Formula Problems


Write an explicit formula for the sequence -10, -7,-4,-1...?

I need help understanding how to write explicit and recursive formulas
Explicit Formula Problems Algebra 1 Functions Algebra Word Problem


Find an explicit equation for P(x) in terms of x, the number of cupcakes she sells.

A baker sells cupcakes for $3 each. Her revenue, in dollars, is modeled by the function R(x)=3x, where x is the number of cupcakes sold. Her costs can be modeled by the function... more
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Writing explicit/recursive rules and finding sequence?

1. Write a recursive rule for the sequence 10,18,26,34...   2.Write a recursive function for the sequence 1,-2,-5,-8...   (Chart) Leia sells homemade bars, the profit she makes in dollars, y,... more
Explicit Formula Problems


Solve questions using table.

Time in minutes N| 2  | 4 | 6 Feet, f(n)             |-4 |-6 |-12 __________________________   Write an explicit rule for the sequences.   Find the feet after 15 minutes.
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Help with math (3 questions)

1.Tell is True or false.The first term of a sequence with the recursive rule f(n)=2f(n-1)+2 is 4.The second term is 6. T or FThe third term is 22. T or FThe fourth term is 46. T ir F2.Ross earns 5%... more
Explicit Formula Problems Geometric Sequence


explicit formula for geometric sequence 80, 40, 20, 10,...

So I'm supposed to write the explicit formula for the geometric sequence of 80, 40, 20, 10,... I got a sub n = 80(1/2) to the power of x? That's how my teacher wrote it, but i thought that you were... more
Explicit Formula Problems


How to find explicit formula

How do you find the explicit formula for 2,11,20 & 29 if the common difference is 9
Explicit Formula Problems


explicit formula

6,30,150,750   answer boxes are    a=___  times with the dot (___)^n-1,for n_>__1   n
Explicit Formula Problems


what is the explicit formula for the sequence -1, -2/3, -3/7, -4/7

I need the explicit formula of the sequence -1, -2/3, -3/7, -4/7
Explicit Formula Problems Math


how do i get a decimal in an explicit formula problem?

here is an example  f(n)=1X2n-1

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