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Worksheet Function Microsoft Excel


How do I get the day name into a cell in Excel?

Given a date, how do I get the day of the week (e.g. "Monday") into a cell in Excel?


Create a pie chart from distinct values in one column by grouping data in Excel?

I have an Excel document containing information from a survey. I want to create a pie chart over location (countries).How can I make Excel group all the distinct values together and then display... more
Worksheet Function Microsoft Excel


How do I hide the #DIV/0! error while a referenced cell is blank?

In Column C I have Production. In column D I have Goal. In Column E I have variance %. My formula is `=(D11-C11)/D11`However, how do you hide the cells down the sheet until you put something in... more
Worksheet Function Microsoft Excel


How to compare two columns and find differences in Excel?

I have two columns in Excel that I want to compare and find the differences between them.Suppose: - Col A has 50 numbers, i.e. 0511234567 - Col B has 100 numbers in the same format
Worksheet Function Microsoft Excel


What does "A1:A4^{1,2,3}" mean in an Excel formula?

What does the caret operand in Excel do to a range when it is followed by some other numbers in brackets? For example lets say we have the following table: A B C 1 1.5 0 0... more
Worksheet Function Microsoft Excel Accounting Excel


Find Excel three-columns match in two different sheets?

I've three sheets from differents periods of several companies It happens that not same accounts were used on all periods. I need to compare two or three companies from two different periods. I've... more
Worksheet Function Microsoft Word Latex


Type math formulas in Microsoft Word the LaTeX way?

I wonder if there is some free solutions for typing math formulas the LaTeX way in Microsoft Word document (Office 2007)?

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