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Unable to get Excel to recognise date in column?

I constantly have problems working with dates in Excel, I must be doing something wrong but I don't understand what.I have a spreadsheet, exported from our exchange server, that contains a column... more


Trying to fill textbox value with today's date only on visual basics?

I am trying to fill a textbox value with the current date and I do not want the user to be able to change the date. I want to use a textbox and not a datepicker. I would like the form to load with... more
Date Logic C# .net


End of month calculations?

Just wondering if any know of an elegant solution for the following. If I have 30 June 2009 and I add a month I want it to go to 31 July 2009, not the 30 July 2009. This logic is based on the... more
Date Sas


SAS. Why "Jan 11 2002" == "88399", according to documentation?

I was reading the [dates documentation][1], but couldn't understand how SAS handled the dates: On [SAS website][2] they explain that `Jan 1 1961` is 366, which makes sense : this is the number of... more
Date Sas Format


sas date - convert today() into yyyymmdd format?

How do I convert a SAS date such as `"30JUL2009"d` into `YYYYMMDD` format (eg 20090730)? So for instance: data _null_; format test ?????; test=today(); put test=; run; Would give me... more

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