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How far apart are the telescopes?

If astronomers use an interferometer observing the wavelength of 1000 nm to measure the angular diameter of a planet like Jupiter orbiting a star 10 light-years from Earth, How far apart are the... more
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What size aperature would I need to find and see the supernova in M51?

On June 2, 2011, a new supernova was identified by an amateur French astronomer in M51.What size telescope aperture would one need to have any chance of seeing this? Given the right sized scope,... more

Can any telescope be used for solar observing?

Can any telescope, such as a 8" reflector, that is normally used at night to look at planets be used or adapted for solar observing?What kind of adapters or filters are required or is it better to... more
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How can I determine if my telescope mirror is parabolic?

This week I purchased the “Skywatcher Explorer 130P Newtonian Reflector Telescope”, specifically as it has the parabolic mirror. I do not have the outer packaging for sundry reasons. Therefore,... more
Telescopes Astronomy


Why are telescopes on top of Mauna Kea instead of Mauna Loa?

Many large and important telescopes are located on top of Mauna Kea on Hawaii. This is a great location for many reasons: it's tall enough to be above the weather, an inversion layer at night keeps... more


Why is the Hubble Space telescope able to see farthest in the universe?

What determines how far a telescope can see in the universe? How does recording data for a very long time (~10 years) help? If we could build a telescope which work at microwave region, will it be... more


Is it possible to 3D print a mirror to create a high quality telescope?

Is it possible to 3D print a mirror with todays available materials?If so, would there be a reduction in image quality?

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