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John fenced his backyard using 550 feet of fencing. The width of his yard is 10 feet less than twice the length.

I have to wrtie an equation that can be used to determine the dimensions of his yard. Please help, I’m desperately stuck on this one.
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two boxes weigh 32 pounds. One weighs 8 pounds more than the other. What is the weight of each box?

Algebra formula and answer
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Is there any way to assign a word to be a variable and if so, how would I write it so something like 'write' appears as one variable and not 5?

Say if I would write out an equation such as '10 + WRITE = 0, find WRITE' is it possible to use a word as a variable instead of a letter?  So WRITE is not broken down into 5 separate variables?
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Algebra help

The sum of three number is 12. the sum of twice the first number , 5 times the second number , & 6 times the third number is 64. The difference between 4 times the first number and the second... more


Double check my work: Use the formula for future value, A = P(1 + rt), and elementary algebra to find the missing quantity.

Please double check my work and help me understand anything I did wrong if answer incorrect. This is what I got: 1800 Use the formula for future value, A = P(1 + rt), and elementary algebra to... more
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Find the height

A bookcase is to be constructed as shown in the figure. The length is to be 2 times the height. If 55 feet of lumber is available for the entire unit, find the length and height of the bookcase. (... more
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Algebra 2 - Sample Size

Of 1000 patients currently admitted at Bey Area Hospital, 300 participate in a survey. The patients are asked whether they are, or are not, satisfied with the quality of care they receive from... more


Graphing transformations - Word problem

A car decelerates at a constant rate as it approaches a red light. The velocity of the car in meters per second as it decelerates is modeled by the function f(x)=−4x+20, where x is time in seconds.... more
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trapezoid plus circle equals triangle then triangle minus trapezoid equals what

if a trapezoid plus circle equals a triangle then a triangle minus trapezoid equals what and and how
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Find length and width of plot?

Farmer Ed has 800 meters of fencing, and wants to enclose a rectangular plot that borders on a river. If Farmer Ed does not fence the side along the river, find the length and width of the plot... more
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How many weeks of savings will it take

Beyonce has $222 in her piggy bank she has $10 a week to her savings Jay-Z has 149 in his piggy bank and it's $12 a week savings how many weeks will it take for Jay-Z and Beyonce's have the same... more
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water containers and fractions

the contianer that holds the water for the football team is 1/2 full. after pouring in 5 gallons of water, it is 7/10 fuill. how many gallons can the container hold?


Simplify (-3x^2*y^3)*(4*x*y^2)

Simplify (-3x^2*y^3)*(4*x*y^2)


Supposed that f(x)= x^2+2x-8

a) What are the coordinates of the vertex?   b) Find the x-intercepts using algebra.  
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The lenght of a rectengle is 4 inches greater than twice the width.The perimeter of the rectangle is 44 inches.Determine the dimensions of the rectangle.

please help me im trying to help a friend out but i havent learned it in school so i cant help him.please i relly need the help.
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The second of 2 numbers is 3 less than the first, the sum is 36

the sum is 36
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Area of a triangle is x^2+3x-40 and the base is x-5 what is the height

Area of a triangle is x^2+3x-40 and the base is x-5 what is the height


word problems help

A trail mix comprised of 59% raisins is being mixed with a trail mix variety that is 41% raisins to create a 72 lb. bag of trail mix that is 50% raisins. How many pounds of the 59% raisins trail... more
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if y varies directly as x, and y=8. when x=5, find y, when x=15

if y varies directly as x, and y=8. when x=5, find y, when x=15
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Maria is 2 years older than Sue, & the sum of their ages is 26. How old is Sue?

Pls explain the equation and the variables 
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Transformations Algebra 2 Help

    (1)   Original Equation : S(x)=x^4+2x^3+5   What is the new equation of the original function S(x) if its transformation is Dilation (reduced)?   (2)   Original Equation:... more
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kaylah scored w points in her first basketball game.she scored three times as many points in her second game.In her third game she scored 6 more than the second

Write an algebraic expression to represent the total amount.
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Find the value of this expression if x=5.

x2-5 x-1
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What is Y, and what is Z

X+X+X=75X-Y*Y=0Z+Y-X=10X=25 Y=? Z=?

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