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How would you factor 6y(squared) -5x(squared) +1

algebra II- Factoring Expressions

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2 Answers

6 factors as 1*6 or 2*3, and 1 factors only as 1*1. Since also the linear coefficient is -5 which is negative, the factorization, if possible, is either (2x-1)(3x-1) or (x-1)(6x-1). Expanding each using FOIL reveals that (2x-1)(3x-1) works.

Let me see if I understand your question correctly. You would like to know how to factor the expression:
6y^2+5x^2+1. (The little carrots "^" mean exponent; for example, y to the 2nd power is y^2.)

This expression cannot be factored, which might mean that you typed it in wrong or that I'm not understanding you.

Please recheck the problem you are trying to solve and ask again.

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