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Dividing fractions?

2y   Divided by 5y5z4

z4                                  7

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Remember KMF Keep Multiply and Flip

so the question becomes

2y  x   7

z        5y5z4

then we multiply across to get



we can cross out the y5 in the numerator and denominator as a simplifying factor.

so our answer would be


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When dividing by a fraction, you multiply by the reciprocal.  This means that you "flip" the second fraction (the numerator becomes the denominator and the nominator becomes the numerator)

2y5 divided by 5y5z4        Becomes    2y5 Times      7
z4                   7                               z4            5y5z4

Since the numerator of the first fraction and the denominator of the second fraction both have a y5 term, they will cancel.  No other factors occur in both a numerator and a denominator, so no other terms cancel.

When we multiply straight across, we get the answer: