Jeremy A.

asked • 06/18/21

Read the Question Below Please :)

A smooth circular hoop with a radius of 0.700 m is placed flat on the floor. A 0.375-kg particle slides around the inside edge of the hoop. The particle is given an initial speed of 10.00 m/s. After one revolution, its speed has dropped to 5.50 m/s because of friction with the floor.

(a) Find the energy transformed from mechanical to internal in the particle—hoop—floor system as a result of friction in one revolution.


(b) What is the total number of revolutions the particle makes before stopping? Assume the friction force remains constant during the entire motion.


Andrew D.

I see you've posted multiple questions from what seems to be an assignment you've been given. I would suggest scheduling a session with a tutor on the platform if you are having trouble with the underlying concepts behind this assignment.


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Anthony T. answered • 06/18/21

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