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asked • 06/01/21

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Suppose the position vector for a particle is given as a function of time by r (t) = x(t)î + y(t)ĵ, with x(t) = at + b and y(t) = ct2 + d, where a = 2.00 m/s, b = 1.50 m, c = 0.129 m/s2, and d = 1.20 m.

(a) Calculate the average velocity during the time interval from t = 1.90 s to t = 4.25 s.

:v = _____m/s

b) Determine the velocity at t = 1.90 s.

v = _________m/s

Determine the speed at t = 1.90 s.


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Anthony T. answered • 06/01/21

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