Mel J.

asked • 05/08/21

Combinations Problem Help

Of the 190 students graduating from Statsville High School, 111 played on a sports team, 26 served on the students’ council, and 67 were members of clubs. Only 10 students did not participate in any of these activities. If 13 students were members of both a team and a club, 9 were on both a team and the students’ council, and 11 were members of both the students’ council and a club, how many graduating students have been a member of a team as well as the students’ council and a club?

I'm very confused with this question, what would you have to do first? Please show steps as well as an explanation to getting the answer, thanks.

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Mark M. answered • 05/08/21

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Mel J.

This one is different, this question is asking how many graduating students were members of ALL three groups, and I didn't understand how to get that.


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