Mel J.

asked • 05/08/21

Combinations Question (Please provide an explanation!)

  1. There are 140 students in the entire 12th Grade class.
  2. 52 signed up for biology.
  3. 71 signed up for chemistry.
  4. 40 signed up for physics.
  5. 15 signed up for biology and chemistry
  6. 8 signed up for chemistry and physics.
  7. 11 signed up for biology and physics.
  8. 2 signed up for all 3 sciences.

a) How many students are NOT taking any science?

b) Illustrate this using a Venn diagram.

Please provide an explanation, I don't understand.

Peg B.

Not sure why the formatting didn't take. I'll try to fix it


2 Answers By Expert Tutors


Mel J.

Hi thanks for the help, but you may be incorrect the answer says it's 9, and I didn't understand why.


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