Mel J.

asked • 05/08/21

Combination Practice Question (Venn Diagram Help)

1.A survey of 1000 television viewers conducted by a local television station produced the following data:

• 40% watch the news at 12:00

• 60% watch the news at 18:00

• 50% watch the news at 23:00

• 25% watch the news at 12:00 and at 18:00

• 20%watch the news at 12:00 and 23:00

• 20% watch the news at 18:00 and 23:00

• 10% watch all three news broadcasts

I'm just so confused on how to create a Venn diagram with the following percentages/data,

I know you have to solve for the eight groups, but I find it hard to understand, like for example AB'C' = A - A(B ∪ C) = A - AB - AC + ABC = 40% - 25% - 20% + 10% = 5%, etc, I'm confused on the ABC' or AB'C', etc, I don't get what it means and why you have to do that. Please if someone can explain, that would be great.

Mark M.

A Venn diagram is visual - it is not computational like your U's and your nots. Have you seen a Venn diagram?


Mel J.

Yes, but you cannot just put these percentages straight in the Venn diagram, that's why I needed help with that part.


Wendy D.

Take 20% (or whatever) of 1000; that will be your number for those who watch the news at 18:00 and 23:00. If you need help with percentages, you can Google it. Keep in mind that "of" in math expressions typically indicates multiplication. Also, keep in mind that 20% means 20 hundredths; this can be expressed as 0.20, 0.2, or 20/100. Thus, to find 20% of 1000, multiply 0.2 by 1000.


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