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asked • 04/14/21

The reading passage name is VILLAGE SCHOOLS AND TRAVELING SOLDIERS on commonlit.

PART A: Which TWO of the following best identify the central ideas of this text?

A. Traditional Chinese education requires constant study.

B. Education in China is superior to education elsewhere.

C. Without traditional Chinese education, children will become arrogant.

D. The goal of education is to master many skills, both practical and intellectual.

E. Education is only for some—others become “wild” laborers.

F. With a good education, a “wild” child can become more useful to his family.

3. PART B: Which TWO phrases from the text best support the answers to Part A?

A. “The object of Chinese education is to pump up the wisdom of the ancients into the minds of the moderns” (Paragraph 1)

B. “According to Chinese theory, or practice, a school which should only be in session for six months of the year, would be a gross absurdity” (Paragraph 1)

C. “The same saying is current in regard to the second degree, and with not less reason” (Paragraph 2)

D. “He may be incomparably more useful to his family than the other, but so far as education goes he is only a ‘wild’ lad” (Paragraph 3)

E. “He has very little opportunity to learn anything of practical affairs, and still less disposition” (Paragraph 5)

F. “So far as they go these are valuable acquirements, although they can scarcely be termed an education” (Paragraph 6)

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