Shyla H.

asked • 02/27/21

Restriction Enzyme Mapping

A plasmid was cleaved with several restriction enzymes, individually and in combinations. The following fragment sizes (base pairs) were determined by agarose electrophoresis. Make a restriction map based on its data. May be slight discrepancy.

Eco RI 4363

Ava I 2182

Pvu II 4363

Pst I 4363

Eco RI - Ava I 2938 1425

Eco RI - Pst I 3609 754

Ava I - Pvu II 3722 641

Ava I - Pst I 2182

Pvu II - Pst I 2820 1543

Eco RI - Pvu 2297 2066

1 Expert Answer


Shyla H.

I'm still a little confused by the concept. All of the combinations equal 4363, so am i going to have more that 2 Eco RI sites. I need 4 cut sites.


Daniel H.

Not quite. For using Eco RI alone we see that there is only one fragment generated. This means that I was wrong in my previous assessment. The cleavage site generated must be the entire plasmid length. This means that there is only one site, and that it just cuts the entire plasmid open.


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