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asked • 02/25/21

Sexual selection and Meiosis

The questions for the homework that I need help with are (and it requires us to be detailed and that is part of the problem I am facing):

"Which statement best explains why organisms have two of each chromosome A) Each organism gets one of each type of chromosomes from their mother and one from their father, B) Each chromosome is an equal blend of genetic material from both the mother and father and some of the genetic material is new, C) Each organism gets the exact same alleles from the mother and father and the gamete is produced by crossing them over"

  1. I said B

"What is a chromosome? why are they important",

  1. I said that chromosomes are is a long strand of DNA molecules that influence the genetic traits of a person. They are important because chromosomes the entire genetic information of an organism

"What is a Zygote, and how is it formed?",

  1. A zygote is a diploid cell that is formed from a fertilized egg cell. The zygote stage is the first stage of development for organisms

"Explain the difference between a diploid and a haploid cell. Give an example of each and explain how they contribute to how heritable information gets from parents to offspring",

  1. A diploid cell is a cell that contains two copies of each chromosome, in humans that means that there are 46 chromosomes in a diploid cell, they are cells like skin, muscle, blood etc. a haploid cell is a human sex cell, and contains a single set of chromosomes from their parents, which means that sperm cell and an egg cell contain 23 chromosomes

"How can we explain the presence of traits that clearly give the organism a disadvantage for survival",

  1. Traits that give an organism a disadvantage can occur during meiosis due to the complications of the spindles removing the chromosomes apart from each other, creating a disjunction

"What is a homologous chromosome: A) different versions of the genes for the same trait that occur on different looking chromosomes, B) Chromosomes that look the same, have the genes for the same trait, but not the same versions of the genes, C) Similar versions of the genes for the same trait that occur on different looking chromosomes, D) Chromosomes that look different, have the genes for the different traits, and are the same versions of the genes",

  1. I said B

"Why is variation important in meiosis? Why is variation important for the survival of species?"

  1. Variation is important in meiosis because without variation, an organism can easily die from something like a virus. This is shown with what is happening to bananas right now (because they are cloned, meaning genetic variation dosen’t occur) and the virus is whipping out the bananas, and the bananas don’t have any genetic variation meaning that every banana tree is affected by this virus, instead of a couple of trees surviving by being immune to said virus, and their offspring is also immune to said virus

“When homologous chromosomes overlap each other during meiosis and swap genetic material it is called A) Haploid Synthesis, B) Anaphase, C) Interdependence, D) Crossing over”

  1. I said D

“What is biological fitness A) how strong an organism is compared to other species around the world, B) The ability of an organism to pass on its genetic material to the next generation, C) the ability of an organism to ovoid predators throughout its entire life, D) the ability for an organism to find food when it is rare and teaches the skills for future generations”

  1. I said B

“During metaphase I in meiosis _______ occurs in order to increase the variation of the offspring A) independent assortment, B) crossing over, C) haploid synthesis, D) fertilization”

  1. I said A

Thank you for the time to go through this and help explain it to me.

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