Alesia I.

asked • 02/22/21

How can readers identify details that support a central idea in an informational text?

Select all that apply.

  1. read headings, section titles, and topic sentences
  2. analyze the title of the text
  3. identify what subject the text is mostly about
  4. look for answers to the five W and H questions

Nicholas T.

Hey Alesia! I think all four can be used to first identify the central idea and details that support that idea with #1, #3 & #4 being the most important to me. #1- it is very important to read the heading/subheadings and topic sentences to first find the central idea and also can lead to finding some details that would support that central idea. #2- could be helpful if the title gives clues to what the text is all about, which would help find the central idea, but not so much with details to support it. #3- this is clearly important because we need to know what the text is all about to know the central idea and the supporting details. #4- also could help if the five W and H questions give insight to details that would connect to the central idea. Hope that helps and have a great day!


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