Chris S.

asked • 01/26/21

I need help...Why would the strategy of "Island Hopping" be necessary based on the Pacific's geography?

Timothy A.

Because a simple look at the map of the Pacific by even an amateur logistician dictates that you can't do it any other way. A war that required you to seize and occupy every single Japanese held island in the Pacific would have lengthened the war another five years. Instead, just seizing critical strategic islands that control chokepoints and sea routes makes much better sense. History shows this U.S strategy worked well. There was one exeption, Peleliu, which the US paid a bloody price for and need never have been taken. It served no real purpose to the overall strategy other than to make General MacArthur "comfortable" that the island was in U.S. hands.


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Alex M. answered • 01/26/21

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