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English a vendetta mini mock (question paper)

Paper 1 mini mock: a vendetta

Source A: The opening of a short story called ‘A Vendetta’ by Guy de Maupassant.

1 The widow of Paolo Saverini lived alone with her son in a poor little house on the outskirts of Bonifacio. The town, built on an outjutting part of the mountain, in places even overhanging the sea, looks across the straits, full of sandbanks, towards the southernmost coast of Sardinia. Beneath it, on the other side and almost surrounding it, is a cleft in the cliff like an immense corridor which serves as

5 a harbor, and along it the little Italian and Sardinian fishing boats come by a circuitous route between precipitous cliffs as far as the first houses, and every two weeks the old, wheezy steamer which makes the trip to Ajaccio.

On the white mountain the houses, massed together, makes an even whiter spot. They look like the nests of wild birds, clinging to this peak, overlooking this terrible passage, where

10 vessels rarely venture. The wind, which blows uninterruptedly, has swept bare the forbidding coast; it drives through

15 the narrow straits and lays waste both sides. The pale streaks of foam, clinging to the black rocks, whose countless peaks rise up out of the water, look like bits of rag floating and drifting on the surface of the sea.

The house of widow Saverini, clinging to the very edge of the precipice, looks out, through its three windows, over this wild and desolate picture.

She lived there alone, with her son Antonia and their dog "Semillante," a big, thin beast, with a long rough coat, of the sheep-dog breed. The young man took her with him when out hunting.

One night, after some kind of a quarrel, Antoine Saverini was treacherously stabbed by Nicolas Ravolati, who escaped the same evening to Sardinia.

20 When the old mother received the body of her child, which the neighbors had brought back to her, she did not cry, but she stayed there for a long time motionless, watching him. Then, stretching her wrinkled hand over the body, she promised him a vendetta. She did not wish anybody near her, and she shut herself up beside the body with the dog, which howled continuously, standing at the foot of the bed, her head stretched towards her master and her tail between her legs. She did not move any

25 more than did the mother, who, now leaning over the body with a blank stare, was weeping silently and watching it.

The young man, lying on his back, dressed in his jacket of coarse cloth, torn at the chest, seemed to be asleep. But he had blood all over him; on his shirt, which had been torn off in order to administer the first aid; on his vest, on his trousers, on his face, on his hands. Clots of blood had hardened in his

30 beard and in his hair.

His old mother began to talk to him. At the sound of this voice the dog quieted down.

"Never fear, my boy, my little baby, you shall be avenged. Sleep, sleep; you shall be avenged. Do you hear? It's your mother's promise! And she always keeps her word, your mother does, you know she does."

35 Slowly she leaned over him, pressing her cold lips to his dead ones.

Then Semillante began to howl again with a long, monotonous, penetrating, horrible howl.

The two of them, the woman and the dog, remained there until morning.

Antoine Saverini was buried the next day and soon his name ceased to be mentioned in Bonifacio.

He had neither brothers nor cousins. No man was there to carry on the vendetta. His mother,

40 the old woman, alone pondered over it.


Q1 – 4 marks – 5 minutes

Use lines 1-7.

List four things you learn about the location the story is set in.

Q2– 8 marks – 10 minutes

Use lines 8-15.

How does the writer use language to describe the setting?

Q3– 8 marks – 10 minutes

Use the whole source.

How does the writer structure the text to interest you as a reader?

Q4 – 20 marks – 25 minutes

Use lines 16-40.

A student said “The mother is presented as both upset and angry at the death, and the writer creates sympathy for her in this ending”

To what extent do you agree?

In your response, you could:

• write your own impressions about the characters

• evaluate how the writer has created these impressions

• support your opinions with references to the text.

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Waseem A.

Thats not the answers, i need the answers


Theresa S.

The answers are in the story. The question even tells you what lines you can find them on. You will not learn by having other people do the work for you. You learn by finding the answers and doing the work yourself.


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