Gina V.

asked • 11/28/20

Need help with limits and derivatives

{(32/5)+2/5cos(πt/4) for 0 ≤ t ≤ 4

W(t) =

{6+(1/8)(t−4)^2 for 4 < t ≤ 9


The depth of water in a zoo aquarium at a certain point is modeled by the function W defined above, where W(t) is measured in feet and time t is measured in hours.

a) Find W′(7) . Using correct units, explain the meaning of W′(7) in the context of the problem.

b) The graph of W is concave up for 2≤t≤2.5 . Use the line tangent to the graph of W at t=2 to show that W(2.5)≥6 .

c) Find limt→2 (W(t)−t^2−12/5) / t−2 .

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Luke G. answered • 11/28/20

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