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Calc AB Need help. Separable Equations and solving.

Consider the following.y(5 + x) dx + x dy = 0Determine whether the differential equation is separable.I put separableIf the equation is separable, rewrite it in the form N(y) dy = M(x) dx. (If it... more
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What is the instantaneous rate of change of g with respect to x at x=π/3?

g(x)=lim (sin(x+h)−sin(x))/h h→0
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A table of values for a continuous function f is shown below.

If four subintervals are used, which of the following is the right sum approximation of ∫ fxdx (x=0 to x=2)?x: 0 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0y: 4 6 8 12 22A) 6B) 12C) 24D) 48E) 60


A rational function g(x) is such that g(x) = f(x) wherever f(x) is defined. Find the value of a and b.

f(x) = (2x-2)/ x2+x-2 g(x) = a/ b+x  
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Is there a number to "a" such that the limit exists? If so, find the value of "a" and find the limit. If not, explain why.

Find the limit as "x" approaches 3 F(x)= (2x2-3ax+x-a-1)/ x2-2x-3 **I already know that if you substitute in 3 for x, the denominator will be 0 and therefore it cannot exist. I'm wondering if... more

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