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Riri F.

asked • 28d

A woman bought some large frames for ​$ each and some small frames for ​$ each at a closeout sale. If she bought frames for ​$​, find how many of each type she bought.

= She bought ? large frames.

Robert S.

Hello, Riri, I don't see any of the actual $ values. Find two equations using the actual dollars cost and spent, then substitute one into the other to find one of the unknowns. The second will come from that value.


Kevin S.

Whatever the numbers are supposed to be, you can't just solve equations whole numbers. In fact, this question has many answers. And finding them requires the Euclidean Algorithm, which is too advanced for prealgebra. Anyway my point is you're probably supposed to just use guess-and-check. Start with the more expensive frames and guess some numbers.


Mark M.

It is a simple "mixture" problem.


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