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Gracee B.

asked • 03/25/20

Horton Hears A WHO

Why doesn’t the kangaroo believe Horton? What justifies her belief that a person could not be on the dust speck?

How does Horton try to convince the kangaroo of the existence of a person on the dust speck?

If you were Horton what would you say to convince the kangaroo?

If they didn’t believe you, what would you do?

Why do they consider Horton to be foolish? Is what Horton knows really nonsense?

What reasons do the animals have for thinking that Horton is just speaking nonsense?

Horton knows the truth, but how come the monkeys can’t know?

What do the animals think will happen if they hid the dust speck so Horton can’t find it?

Will that prove that to Horton that his belief is not true?

The animals have had quite enough and decide they are going to boil the speck and tie Horton up. Horton says that the Who’s can prove they are there. What do the animals think they will accomplish by roping and caging Horton?

Why does Horton say he can do to get them to believe him that there are persons on the speck?

How can the Whos prove their existence?

The Who’s try to make themselves heard but the kangaroo denies hearing anything. Finally, the Who’s try again and they are heard! Why does the kangaroo tell Horton that she didn’t hear any voices and he didn’t either?

Why does she think he didn’t hear any voices?

When you know something, how do you prove it to someone else? Do you have to prove to know it’s true?

Just because you think you know something, does that mean everyone else has to know the agree? How do you know if somebody knows what you know?

The Whos are finally heard. Is hearing believing? Do you have to hear, or see, or feel something to believe it or know it’s true?

Give an example of something you know but that you can’t justify with your senses? How did you come to know that thing?

Abby K.

The kangaroo is using logic, which is comparing what she knows to something that she doesn't. Would a person or a kangaroo fit on a dust speck? Does a dust speck have food and water which are required for life? Have YOU ever heard voices coming from a dust speck? Has anyone else besides Horton? Imagine you've never had chocolate milk. Someone tells you it's made from chocolate and milk. You'd feel pretty certain it was yummy, wouldn't you? And yet, you've never actually tasted it yourself. If I told you there were little people inside the TV, would you believe me? Why not?


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William H. answered • 04/19/20

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