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Jaheim L.

asked • 12/16/19

Please help me I really need to figure this question out.

An 18-foot ribbon is attached to the top of a pole and is located on the ground 10 feet away from the base of the pole. Suppose Mateo has a second ribbon that will be located an additional 23 feet away past that point

a) Sketch the situationLabel the the angle that Mateo's ribbon forms with the ground as and use variables for any sides needed to find the length of Mateo's ribbon.

b ) Showing all work , find the measure of the angle formed by Mateo's ribbon and the ground . Round the angle to the nearest tenth of a degree

c) Showing all work, use sine to find the length of Mateo's ribbon. Round to the nearest hundredths of a foot

Mark M.

Did you make a sketch and label it?


Madyson L.

Start by making the sketch and labeling it. With these types of problems, it is often easier to visualize what you are doing. Remember to use SOH-CAH-TOA. You can use Cosine to find the angle since you know the adjacent length and they hypotenuse. Cos(angle)=10/18. To find the angle, you must use inverse cosine of 10/18. To find the length of Mateo's ribbon, you must piece all the information that you were given together. If you know the length of the first ribbon and you know the distance away from the pole that it is, you can use the Pythagorean theorem to find the height of the pole. a2+b2=c2. So you're equation is now 10^2+18^2=c^2. c=sqrt(424). Using the angle that you got from part b, you can now set up your equation for part c. Sin(angle)=sqrt(424)/hypotenuse. You are able to solve for the sin(angle) and then can solve for the length of the ribbon or the hypotenuse. Hope this helped!!


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