Asked • 12/12/19

Identify and discuss what the poem means...


By Sara Teasdale

The wind is tossing the lilacs,

The new leaves laugh in the sun,

And the petals fall on the orchard wall,

But for me the spring is done.

Beneath the apple blossoms

I go a wintry way,

For love that smiled in April

Is false to me in May.

In a paragraph, with a topic and concluding sentence, discuss what the poem means. Identify and discuss how one sound effect, one figure of speech, and one example of imagery each contributes to the meaning.

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Joseph A. answered • 12/12/19

Wise old Democratic Socialist English Professor

Joseph A.

I made my answer from my phone by dictation, and I am positively embarrassed by some of the things the transcription program did to what I said! Also, here is more evidence for the value of careful editing: I ignored one of my own preferred tricks for careful editing. I usually go over what I have written several times once it is completely finished, including at least one pass in which I read the text sentence by sentence, but in reverse order. That is, I read the last sentence, then I read the second to last sentence, then the third. I am sure I'd have caught every single one of those errors, had I taken time to use my normal bag of editing tricks, instead of just spinning out my thoughts more or less as they came to me. Another lesson learned again. I often find l learn the lessons I most need to know well by learning them over and over again, finding out that I need to do so every time I forget to put one into practice because I let myself get in too much of a hurry.


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