Dee G.

asked • 12/06/19

Word Problem Solving

A ship's bearing is 240°. If a submarine, due east of the ship, shoots a torpedo traveling 5 times as fast as the ship, what angle should the submarine fire the torpedo in order to hit the ship?

Mark M.

How far east of the ship is the submarine?


Dee G.

It doesn't tell you.


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Michael H. answered • 12/06/19

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Shaun M.

I was ready to disagree with your numerical result when I noticed you defined a bearing as being measure counterclockwise with respect to north. I then was ready to disagree with using this scheme instead of the math-course-friendly counterclockwise with respect to east ("absolute angle", as I had solved it), when I came across a figure used in relevant online notes which expresses your definition except directed clockwise: Now I just feel like the problem pedagogically demands an illustration to avoid any ambiguity, but I do stand behind using an absolute angle (ccw w.r.t. east) system when in doubt.


Shaun M. answered • 12/06/19

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