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Did Peddana create Pravarakhya and Varudhini?

When I was studying in my high school, there was a lesson in my Telugu textbook about the travels of Pravarakhya and the places he saw in the Himalayas. It was a part of _Manu Charitra_, written by [Allasani Peddana](, a great writer who lived around the 15-16th centuries. The name of the book means "The story of Manu". _Manu Charitra_ is classified as a Prabandha, which is a semi-historical anecdote about a person. The poet takes a small story and enlarges it into a large work using poetic expressions, metaphors, and by adding fictional characters and dialogues, all to describe natural beauty._Manu Charitra_ is the story of Swarochisha Manu, [second of the fourteen manus]( In Hinduism, we have many texts describing the lives of different Manus, especially Swarochisha Manu. What was the inspiration for Pravarakhya and Varudhini? Are they from a pre-existing book or were they created by Peddana?

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