Asked • 08/01/19

Broken Shells Make Temple bells' meaning?

There is a great Irish song 'As I Rover Out'. The 'Omnia' band made a remake of this song called 'Who Are You?'The meaning of the certain sentence in this remake became a subject of discussion between my collegue and me. Could you please kindly clarify this enigma?Let me citate the context lines:"*When can I return again and when will we get married?* ***When broken shells make temple bells,*** *that's when we'll be married.*"My colleague thinks it means *'when broken shells turn into, become the temple bells'*, though I think it means *'when broken shells make ringing the bell of the temple'*.Which opinion is true? Or, maybe, they are equally correct?Thank you in advance for the answer!

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Christine S. answered • 08/07/19

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