Asked • 07/14/19

Why does it hurt the next day after doing significant exercise?

I think this is a fairly common observation that if one does some significant amount of exercise, he/she may feel alright for the rest of the day, but it generally hurts bad *the next day*. Why is this the case?I would expect that if the muscles have undergone significant strain (say I started pushups/plank today), then it should cause pain while doing the strenuous activity, or during rest of the day, but it happens often that we don't feel the pain while doing the activity or even on that day, but surely and sorely feel it the next day.Another example - say after a long time, you played a long game of basketball/baseball/cricket. You generally don't feel any pain during the game/that day, but there is a good chance it will hurt bad the next day.I am trying to understand both - why does the pain not happen on that day, and why it does, the next day (or the day after that).

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Gabriela A. answered • 07/15/19

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