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Asked • 06/24/19

Why is Argentinian pronunciation different from other countries?

I was watching some Argentinian *telenovelas* to get used to Spanish language and noticed that there's a different pattern regarding the pronunciation of the imperative command than what Michel Thomas has taught me. Michel Thomas has taught me that when you are in the *preeeesent* tense you stress the syllable before last and that the same goes for imperative.For example, "I take" is "tomo" and "take!" is "toma" (informal) and what I hear in Argentinian *telenovelas* is "tomá". They also often say "escucháme" instead of "escúchame" or "te quedás", or "llamáme".Is pronunciation somewhat different from country to country or am I just mishearing things?

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Teresa V. answered • 06/25/19

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